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Covenant between Casa de Moneda and the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity

Casa de Moneda signed an agreement with the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity to reduce the inequalities of women and LGTBI+ people in the workplace.

On December 17, 2020, Rodolfo Gabrielli, President of the Board of Directors of the Casa de Moneda Argentina, and Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation (MMGyD); signed an agreement to establish joint lines of action to reduce the gaps and reduce the inequalities of women and LGTBI+ people at work.

This was the first agreement signed with a State-owned Company within the framework of the Programa Igualar, presented on September 30, 2020, that recognizes State intervention as urgent to generate equal conditions for women and LGBTI+ in the workplace.

With the aforementioned agreement, Casa de Monda and the MMGyD established the following plan of action:

  • Design and execute a diagnosis on gender equality in the organization.
  • Design and execute a training plan on gender perspective, diversity and gender-based violence and harassment.
  • Collaborate in the elaboration of internal normative projects for Casa de Moneda to institutionalize the perspective of equality in the organization.
  • Collaborate in the preparation of protocols for action on gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace.
  • Follow up on all projects related to this agreement.

In this regard, Rodolfo Gabrielli said: “I want to thank Minister Gómez Alcorta for giving Casa de Moneda the opportunity to be the first State-owned Company to sign this Agreement. For us it is not just an accomplishment, but a starting point to continue on this path that we have set ourselves to achieve fairer conditions for all the workers. We’ll do everything within our power to prevent and eradicate all types of violence and discrimination for reasons of gender”.

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