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We adopt quality and safety as an active principle of our processes

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification was awarded by the certification company Bureau Veritas Certification, with a scope covering the manufacturing of banknotes, coins and medals, license plates, vehicle registration certificates, and passports.


This standard provides management tools for defining policies and quality objectives within organizations. It involves monitoring and measuring process performance, defining product characteristics, demonstrating the ability to meet customer requirements, and promoting continuous improvement within the company within a sustainability context.

ISO 14298:2021 – Management of security printing processes – Central Bank Level

As a result of the certification audit conducted by the SQS organization in November 2022, CMA achieved certification of the ISO 14298:2021 Standard for Management of Security Printing Processes at the “Central Bank Level,” with a scope covering the manufacturing of banknotes, passports, and license plates.


The ISO 14298 standard is a highly recognized security standard for producers of valuable documents that employ added security features designed to protect the documents against counterfeiting. ISO 14298 encompasses a wide range of controls, including logistics, physical, and financial security measures, which, along with quality control, aim to ensure maximum security throughout the printing process.

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