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Building a sustainable future

Environmental stewardship is a fundamental pillar for us, which is why our objective is to effectively manage and mitigate the impacts generated by our production processes, in compliance with national and international laws and requirements.

Adhering to the United Nations Global Compact initiative

Since February 2023, we have proudly been active members of the Argentina Global Compact Network. This reflects our unwavering commitment to contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, as well as adhering to and promoting the 10 universally recognized principles in this initiative. These principles encompass labor rights, human rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption.

Striving for meaningful impact

We are progressing towards a green transformation that encompasses the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting systems, the implementation of a comprehensive urban solid waste separation program, and the acquisition of innovative printing and sorting machinery for reduced energy consumption and waste from defective banknotes.

Additionally, we are adopting digital systems to ensure traceability and significantly reduce our reliance on paper.

Empowering people

We are fully committed to designing and implementing actions that foster a fair, equitable, and inclusive work environment, where everyone’s potential is recognized and valued.

How do we do it?

Our approach includes guaranteeing access, retention, training, and personal development, ensuring competence and equal opportunities while promoting the professional growth of all our workers.

Engaging with the community

The legacy of Casa de Moneda Argentina extends beyond our organization’s museum. We actively participate in numerous exhibits, displays, and events to share a significant part of our country’s economic and cultural history with a wider audience.

Our involvement in events such as the Tecnópolis Fair, the traveling Tren Museo exhibition organized by Trenes Argentinos, and collaborations with prominent museums like Malba exemplify our dedication to connecting with the community.

Supporting childhood development

Our commitment to the personal and professional growth of our employees extends to their families. Casa de Moneda provides early childhood education assistance for all employees’ children through the La Monedita preschool.

Strategically located next to Casa de Moneda’s Retiro headquarters, La Monedita nurtures the continuous and well-rounded development of children aged 45 days to 5 years, focusing on their physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional growth.

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